Pension Card holders are bulk billed for standard consultations.  Card holders must produce cards at time of consultation and must be in date.  Private fees will apply if concession cards are expired or not produced at request.

Veterans Affairs patients are bulk billed for standard consultations

Children under 12 years of age are Bulk Billed for  standard consultations.  A standard consultation fee applies to all other patients

Consultations that are longer or more complex and/or procedures all attract a different fee to the standard fee.  There may also be out of pocket costs for dressings. Your doctor, nursing staff or reception staff will inform you of these.

Payment in full is required at time of consultation.  We accept cash, cheque, Eftpos, Visa and Mastercard.

Medicare claims can be processed at the time of your consultation.  We will submit your claim for your medicare rebate which will be transmitted directly to your bank account registered with Medicare.

Some consultations will be billed and not attract a rebate from Medicare.

Workers compensation, Motor Vehicle Accidents and related consultations – these will be billed directly to the insurance after the claim has been approved and claim number issued.  Prior to approval the patient will be asked to pay the consultation fee and claim it back through the insurance.

Patients that do not have a Medicare Card or are not registered with Medicare

Driver licence medicals – commercial

Fitness for duty assessment

Medicals – pre employment, fitness for duty

Non- Attendences

Repeat non attendees will incur a fee.  If you are unable to attend an appointment we require a minimum of two hours notice.    We do understand that emergencies can occur however failure to inform us will incur a fee to be paid prior to your next appointment.